Leadership at 605 Media, Inc.

Leadership at 605 Media, Inc.

Ryan Trask

Ryan Trask - Managing Partner

Ryan has been building websites since 1997 and practicing SEO techniques professionally since 2002. As a skilled former Wells Fargo software developer and budding entrepreneur trying to run a small business out of his basement, Ryan originally founded Trask Software & Hosting in 2003, where he provided custom software applications to other web developers and hosted websites. In 2006, Ryan changed his business model from a software company to create 3plains; a full-service internet marketing agency dedicated to providing digital marketing solutions for businesses within the hunting & fishing outfitter segments of the multi-billion dollar outdoor industry. Since then, 605 Media, Inc. was formed to create more verticals and other business of interest.

Ben Holbrook

Ben Holbrook - Partner

Ben brings over 13 years of marketing experience within the outdoor industry to the 3plains team. As a tenured marketing executive for a well-established, high profile hunting & fishing consulting agency, he developed an in-depth knowledge of SEO, SEM and other digital marketing techniques used to capture internet leads. Ben has witnessed first-hand the significance of understanding the analytical elements offered by all of the digital tools available on the internet today to help drive sales results. He is a Google Ads certified PPC expert, and will be providing guidance & oversight for all paid search and Google Remarketing campaigns offered to 3plains clients. After aggressively recruiting Mr Holbrook for over 10 years, 3plains is absolutely thrilled to welcome Ben as the latest addition to our Leadership Team.

Ryan Marincovich

Ryan Marincovich - Partner

Ryan joined 605 Media, Inc. in May of 2016 and brings over 20 years of experience in the industry. He started developing websites in 1998, and currently he’s in charge of the UI/UX design and development, while overhauling our product line and internal websites. He’s built a new responsive platform for our website products, as well as our content management system. He will continue to expand our web tools.

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